Tozé Sapateiro
Peniche, Portugal

Window to a constellation. Stylish new visuals for Tozé, the one and only shoe-repair shop in town.


After being in the shoe repair business for more than 20 years, Tozé still thinks that no one day is the same. “Every customer brings in a new challenge, and I need to be very creative to come up with good solutions. That’s why I love my work.” Sadly, no one is interested in learning from him, or following in his footsteps, and his store is the only one in town where you can get your footwear fixed anymore. The sign on his window shop had never been updated, and already showed signs of wear. What’s more, Tozé needed a visual design to uplift the quality and complexity of his job, and the microcosm that his workshop represents.


To revamp Tozés shop´s visual identity, Super Eclectic took inspiration from the fonts used in his old sign, and the little shoe installation at the foot of the window case. The idea was to create the feeling that the shoes elevate and reveal their inner structure. The parts that make the whole come together as constellation; a gateway where old and new converge: tradition, handcraft, creativity, and a friendly spirit. The new design was drafted in constant dialogue with Tozé, and the materials were sourced from local shops. Following the analogue essence of this workshop, the designs were transferred to adhesive vinyl, cut out, and installed, entirely by hand.


Tozé now has a brand new visual identity. To present it to the community, we held an a open event at a public square in downtown Peniche. We discussed gentrification in the city, traditional jobs, handmade work versus digital, and the history behind the oldest shops in the neighborhood.
Super Eclectic would like to give a big shout out to our friends and partners from local creative studio Komuhn for collaborating in this project, and to Nordisk Kulturfond for their support.