Revitalizing small shops to fight gentrification

Rotulama is an initiative by Super Eclectic that revitalizes the visual identity of small and independent shops, enabling them to thrive.

Rotulama tackles a global issue at a local scale: it establishes a relationship with the shop owners and works collaboratively to withstand gentrification.

Rotulama takes its name from “Rótulos”. Highly popular in Mexico and Latin America, these hand-painted signs are an affordable yet original form of advertisement that expresses creativity, colorfulness, and resistance against unification and corporatization.


Tozé Sapateiro
Peniche, Portugal
Window to a constellation. Stylish new visuals for Tozé, the one and only shoe-repair shop in town.
Alfaiateria Eduardo
Peniche, Portugal
A class act all the way. New window displays for Eduardo, a legendary tailor in Peniche.
El Tacón de Oro
Mexico City
Strokes of blue for the Golden Heel. An art mural for the local shoe-repair shop.

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